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When You Just Don’t Wanna..

We’ve all been there.

An alarm clock ringing too early.

Complete physical and mental exhaustion after a long day.

That moment when you simply can’t bear the thought of getting your workout in.

Those are the moments that we typically cave.

When we give ourselves permission to say “tomorrow.”

And the cycle repeats.

To make it even worse, it’s also usually the scenario that involves making quick, convenient, and often less than healthy food choices.

This cycle causes consistent weight gain, poor health, and months or years of shame and frustration.

It leads us down a road that can be incredibly hard for people to return from.

So, I want to tell you what will make all the difference when you have that experience of just NOT wanting to…

It’s doing it anyway.

Because hitting snooze and sleeping in or driving to the gym vs home after work is all a choice.

The key to serious success in most areas of life is feeling resistance and pushing through it anyway.

Because pretty much everything that’s going to give you life-changing results comes from putting the work in.

If it was supposed to be easy, everyone would be healthy, strong, fit and successful.

Expect the resistance to pop up and accept it – it’s completely normal. But consider how you will RESPOND when it does.

My suggestion? Feel the resistance, and do it anyway.

P.S. Often the key difference between someone who is successful and someone who continues hitting the snooze button on life is having support and accountability. That’s exactly what I do. If you’re ready for different results in your life, hit that contact button and let me know. I’ll take it from there.

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