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Start Before You’re Ready

I’m sure many of you will agree that Lockdown has been an interesting ride (that still hasn’t stopped). We’ve quizzed, we’ve clapped, we’ve eaten our feelings and baked more banana breads than we could shake a wooden spoon at.⁠

It’s also given me the time and headspace to realise something HUGE about myself..⁠

I’m a pain-in-the-ass, pussy-footin’ perfectionist. ⁠

With all the time and space made available over lockdown, I still felt massively stuck and resistant when it came to taking action on my nutrition coaching business and strutting confidently (READ: tip-toeing tentatively) out into the online realm.⁠

This was the perfect time to do it and I now had alllll the time, and no excuses. Except..I had loads.⁠

I just need to finish my website first.⁠
I just need the perfect logo.⁠
I just need to wait until Jupiter is aligned over Saturn.⁠
I just need to wait till my spot disappears.⁠
I just need to..TAKE. F-ING. ACTION.⁠

I think we can all relate to wanting to wait for the right moment, and not wanting to show up as our imperfect selves that we try so hard to keep hidden. But unfortunately the price of that procrastination is usually our self-esteem and confidence, when we start to believe that we are a person that is afraid to take action.⁠

As I teach my clients, all it takes is that one little step outside of your comfort zone, or even a toe – to make that action become a practice, and that practice to become a ritual that takes as much (or as little) thought as brushing your teeth.⁠

So I should probably practice what I preach, and feel the fear and do it anyway 🙂⁠

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