Client Success Stories

There’s nothing I love more than seeing my clients succeed. When you start on your journey to looking and feeling amazing – I’ve got your back.

I honestly cannot believe how much difference Tor’s coaching has made. Her approach was so positive, simple and effective, and I found the way she emphasised building on small successes really encouraging and empowering. It has completely reframed how I look at food and nutrition – for the first time in my life, I’m actually enjoying food, cooking and eating.
I feel so much healthier and stronger, and have so much more energy to play with my children, perform well at work, improve my lifts and generally enjoy life.
I can 100% recommend Tor’s nutrition coaching programme. She’s an amazing coach, and I’ve made so many positive changes both for myself and for my family under her guidance.
Karen Photiou

What an amazing journey I’ve experienced and encountered over the last 12 weeks.

Once the programme started with daily lessons and small habit changes, things started to work. I noticed changes to my daily food habits, and became very mindful and aware of food and dietary requirements.

Fast forward 12 weeks and ‘WOW’!! No unhealthy snacks consumed, no hunger pangs and feel excellent. The best part is, this has now all become normal part of life.

I couldn’t thank Tor enough for helping to reach this goal. The support and guidance along the way was immense. I highly recommend Tor to anyone looking for a better relationship with food.

Ashni Awesti

Emma nutrition client

Since working with Tor I have a much better understanding of food and how to fuel my body, while still getting the results I want. I really enjoy food but have found a better way to appreciate it.

I no longer feel bloated and full, as I have learnt to recognise the signs of a comfortable satisfied feeling rather than just eating for the sake of it.

I have now lost 6kg since working with Tor and feeling really in control! 

Emma Robinson
john nutrition client

The two things that always stood out were that she would never give advice without the research to back it up.

The other was that the advice was always packaged in an empathic humanity that accepted we don’t always achieve our goals or stick to the rules but that understanding and support goes a whole lot further than chastising or shame.

Work with Tor, I did for 3 years and I’m a better person for it.

John Davies